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Welcome to my gallery! :la:


Here are my :+fav:'s! :la:


Le Suc by Nuzvael
by Nuzvael

First off, let me just say congratulations on the DD :la: I really love this photo, and you've really captured the colours perfectly. We a...

Snow Kids?... by JDM4CHRIST

I like the fact that the snow built up in the swings to make it look like there are children are sitting in them, I guess snow can be c...

Drink Up V by Felosoraptor

This is my first critique so I'm sorry if it's not very good ^^; Anyway I really like this photo, I like how neon lights make the cups al...

Here are the Critiques I've done :D


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Solar-Paragon is doing a :points: giveaway :la: go to this journal to find out how to enter :D
The deadline is the 13th October 2014 :meow:


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Hey everyone! :wave:
My name's Gemma, but everyone calls me Gem for short, I'm 20 years old and my birthday is the 24th November. My former username was Gem1993 before I got a Premium Membership and changed it :)

I'm seen as a quiet and shy person, but under that I'm a nice person with a good sense of humor and maybe a little random. I'm also an understanding person and respect everyone :)

If you haven't noticed already, I am a BIG fan of Transformers :la: my favourite universe is the movieverse, my favourite Autobot is :iconironhideplz: and my favourite pairing is :iconironhideplz: X :iconmovieratchetplz: :la:
The first Transformers group I joined was BumblebeeBuddies, and Ironhide became my favourite after joining IronhideFansUnite :D

Up to the age of 17, I was a fan of Thomas and friends. I've watched it nearly my whole life, the reason as to why I lost interest in it was because of the CGI series from Season 12 to Season 16. The episodes made no sense and were just awful, I'm sorry if this offends anyone as it's not my intention to. However after Season 16, I have started to see improvement in the episodes, but I've not got the passion for it like I did before. However it will always have a small part of me as it was part of my childhood :)

I have a number of fears, everyone has at least one or two fears, some have a lot more. These are the things I fear:
:bulletblack: Balloons: Now this one is a rare fear, they call it Globophobia, now I need to be specific here. I don't mind the mylar balloons, if you're wondering what they are, they're the ones that have a metallic look to them and are mostly seen with cartoon characters imprinted on them. I don't mind hot air balloons, nor do I mind bubble gum bubbles, the ones I fear are the latex balloons. They're the ones that I fear, especially when they go wrinkly after a period of time, it makes me cringe just describing it.
:bulletblack: Dark: A common childhood fear and some grow out of it, but I haven't, I still fear the dark. I always sleep with my lamp on and some music as I don't like silence, but I don't count that part as a fear.
:bulletblack: Lifts (elevators): I was about 13 or 14 and I went into the Art Gallery, I went into the lift and pressed 3, the doors closed, but nothing happend. So I tried it again and the same thing happened, since then I've had a fear of lifts.
:bulletblack: Spiders: Now this isn't a severe fear, but I just don't like spiders, it's worse when I sometimes find one in my room...
:bulletblack: Death: Not a nice thing, I know, but it's just the thought that one day I will grow old and...well no longer be here, I think it's more of the fear of not knowing where we go when we pass on.

Listening to music is one of my favourite pass times, my favourite genre of music is dubstep. But I also like rock, metal, pop, R&B and bassline.

I also love to play on my Xbox, the games I have are:
:bulletblue: Transformers: Dark of the moon - The game.
:bulletblue: Guitar heroes 5.
:bulletblue: Guitar heroes world tour.
:bulletblue: Guitar heroes 3: Legands of Rock.
:bulletblue: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The game.
:bulletblue: Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed (Not played yet).
:bulletblue: WWE2K14 (Played it once, I've not gotten the hang of it yet).
In Transformers: Dark of the Moon -The Game, I've completed all of the campaigns. My favourite one is Ironhide in Detroit :D
When I play my guitar heroes games, I play on medium, hard or expert as it depends on the song.

My main hopes in life, well I have quite a few. They are:
:bulletgreen: Becoming an author - You never really see authors who write about Transformers, so I want to become a Transformers author.
:bulletgreen: See Impact Wrestling - I would love to see Impact Wrestling live when it comes to the UK, I've become a fan of it.
:bulletgreen: See Birmingham City play - Now I would love to see my favourite football team play.
:bulletgreen: Ride the Transformers ride - Now as you know I'm a BIG fan of Transformers, so when I found out about the Transformers 3D ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. I wanted to go, but I live in the UK. But I do hope this one will come true one day.
:bulletgreen: See Lee Evans live - Lee Evans is my favourite comedian, he's hillarious.

My boyfriend DarkesDemon and I have been together for two years now :la: and we're still very happy together :D
Our three year anniversary is on the 23rd May 2015! :love:

I also love to roleplay, if you want to RP with me, just send me a note :)
Here are the basic things you need to know if you RP with me:
:bulletred: My main fandom is Transformers.
:bulletred: My main universe is the Bayverse/movieverse.
:bulletred: I prefer to do script form and first person, but I will do story form and third person.
:bulletred: The genres I'm comfortable with are: Romance, Humour, Family, and at a stretch Adventure.
:bulletred: I accept Yaoi, Yuri and Mpreg.
:bulletred: I will do any rating, as long as there isn't too much darkness, violence and gore.
If you want to know more of what I accept in an RP, go to this journal :)

My Transformers name: Skrillexia ~ credit to my BF DarkesDemon for the name :heart:

Family group: :iconthe-tristeel-family: The-Tristeel-Family ~ Expanding our Family
Family chat:…

DA Family
If you want to become part of the family, just post a comment on my profile or send me a note saying which part of the family you want to become :)
If you're already part of the family and want to change to another relative or be removed, just post a comment on my profile or send a note :)


Mother: :iconleathurkatt-tftiggy:

Brothers: :iconplunderbird:, :iconthomasbros01:, :iconlastprimeofcybertron:, :iconthomasandmichael:, :iconironhide-lennox:, :iconjetfire-tf:, :iconoptimus-ofthe-primes:, :iconttl1990:

Baby Brother: :iconblack-sweater:

Sisters: :iconlexxiisixx:, :iconbluepandacosplay:, :iconk-katswell-56:, :iconbluegoldwarrior12::, :iconshiningstaryamato:, :iconshimmer-wubb-lioness:, :iconauroraprincessrose:, :iconkiimiko-sama:, :iconsaphrire:, :iconcoolkeena:, :iconkristenitaprime7:, :iconstellahide:, :icondemonicangel011:, :iconfirebird180:, :iconvenomstrikerdecetico:

Little sister: :iconstargazerprime-tf:

Baby sister: :iconironhide970:

Cousins: :iconrouge-bat-12:, :icondevinemrs:, :iconbelle-fire-engine:, :iconkai-lioness-91:, :iconcrumplezonegirl06:, :iconkimmy-faith-raven:, :icondannichangirl:, :iconfangirlmary:, :iconfavoriteartman:, :iconscifiguy9000:, :iconstainer-black-5:, :iconexpress-central:, :icon191505:, :iconsatanic--mechanic:

Neighbours: :iconhandsomehenry123:, :icontf-jazz:

Aunties: :iconclovis-thecutestcat:


Old cranky uncle: :iconhawkeye-captain:

Step-uncle: :iconblumieresda:

Nieces: :iconchelsea-l-stirling:, :iconphoenixrosefirehear:

Step-niece: :iconrose-angel-fifi-spm:


Favourite Stamps, Icons and Emoticons! :dummy:
Ironhide Stamp txt by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Autobots Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Ironhide stamp lol by 00X181-033-4-9953XX3 Bayformers the first by Deezmo TF Girls stamp by Metallikato Transformers 3 Stamp 1 by DemoniumAngel Transformers Stamp by Slovman Autobot Stamp by Deezmo Autobot Stamp by DragonPud autobot- la by star-bot381 :iconironhideawesomeplz: :iconironhideplz: TF Stamp by Moesakaru Autobots Stamp by SweetyTeety Ironhide Stamp by destiny111

Skrillex Signature Banner by HeroMAU5 Skrillex stamp by TheKikiWorld Scary Monsters  Nice Sprites stamp by TheKikiWorld Skrillex Stamp by TunedHeaven

love puppies by maryduran

Spongebob Squarepants Stamp by BagToon Spongeblah by Fyi-Sus Omnomnomnom by Fyi-Sus Pat Sponge by Fyi-Sus MONEH by crazylaura64

Hello Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Rock Star by fricken-pimp DW Eleven Thumbs Up Stamp by TwilightProwler Dancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler

Guitar-Emote-Hero revamp by CookiemagiK Rainbow 8D by MyrthJ

Music by TheKikiWorld :iconfirefoxstamp1::iconfirefoxstamp2:

British stamp by Bourbons3 :icondabettethanfbstamp1::icondabettethanfbstamp2:

.:.Zodiac Stamp-Sagittarius.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx

DUBSTEP stamp by conceptions

Pendulum Stamp by ADDOriN Pendulum Stamp by smileystamps

Impact Wrestling Stamp by Princessdawn755 Main Event Mafia Stamp by laprasking Impact Wrestling Stamp by kydragon

DA Stamp - I Roleplay 03 by tppgraphics DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics

Autism Stamp by DyingInMySkin

Link to my chatroom (for members only):… =D
If you want to be a member of my chatroom, just leave a comment on my profile or send me a note :)

Awesome people! :D
StargazerPrime-TF - My best friend who I see as a little sister I've never had, we've got so many things in common it's unbelievable :dance: I'm so glad DarkesDemon introduced me to her all the way back in 2011, love you lil sis! :huggle:

Ironhide-Lennox - An awesome brother who I've known for quite a while, he's funny and has great poems that I recommend you go and read :D

StellaHide - She is both a great RP partner and friend, we've been RPing for a good while now and during that time my RPing skills have really improved compared to when I first started :D

BlueGoldWarrior12 - One of the first people I met here on DeviantART, still friends to this day, be sure to check out her awesome digital art :D

ThomasandMichael - We first met on YouTube and have been friends eversince :D

DarkesDemon - We first met on YouTube and became friends, but that developed and we became lovers :love:

KristenitaPrime7 - Probably the biggest Optimus Prime fan on DA :giggle: she's a good friend of mine too :D

Autobot-Ratchet - He is a good friend of mine and he has great stories :D

LexxiiSixx - It was thanks to her that I discovered DeviantART in the first place, I've been friends with her for quite a while as we went through high school, we still remain friends to this day. Be sure to check out her photography too :D

robdog16 a.k.a robdog16r - She has great stories and her photography is amazing, be sure to check them out :D

PlunderBird - We first met on YouTube and have remained friends eversince :D

TTL1990 - He was the first person I spoke to when I first joined YouTube, we're still friends to this day :D

ironhide970 - She's become a good friend of mine, and she has cool photos :D

ShiningStarYamato - She's another person who I've spoken to for a while and she is a nice person and a good friend, she's honest, kind, and always there to help :D

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